X-Men Apocalypse Bio

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Part 1: Apocalypse Rising!

En Sabah Ur

The being who later on in the future would only be known as Apocalypse was born roughly 5000 years ago (X-Men timeline) in Aqaba, Jordan. He is the first suspected person to carry the the mutant X-Gene. His people abandoned him during his infancy due to a side-effect in his mutation that gives him blue lips and grey skin. Because of this Baal the leader of the Sandstormers rescues him, seeing Apocalypse’s potential power and will to live.

After finding him, Baal names him En Sabah Nur, which translates to “The First One”. The Sandstormers only have one creed, survival of the fittest, which Apocalypse takes to heart and later becomes his manifesto. They believed that only those who could survive conflicts and hardships were worth of life.

A short time later, the time-traveler Kang the Conqueror arrives in Egypt and assumes the role of Pharaoh. Knowing the history of En Sabah Nur, Kang sends his armies and top general to go and destroy the Sandstormers along with locating En Sabah Nur. After the attack, both Baal and En Sabah Nur are left seriously injured, so they take refuge inside of a hidden cave.

Before dying, Baal tells En Sabah Nur about a secret alien technology left behind by a deity-like group of aliens called Celestials and where to find the technology. Infuriated En Sabah vows revenge on Pharaoh, he decides to disguise himself and enter the city. While there he poses as a slave and ends up falling for the general’s sister, Nephri. After revealing his true form to her, she quickly rejects him and seeks her brothers protection. However it is only then that En Sabah Nur’s powers truly awaken after being heartbroken and enraged that she would make her decision based solely on appearance. The raging En Sabah Nur becomes out of control and renames himself Apocalypse. Pharaoh sees this and decides to flee, while the newly formed “Apocalypse,” uses the Celestial technology to transform his former enemy, general Ozymadias into a blind clairvoyant frozen in stone and now enslaved by Apocalypse. As the years go by, Apocalypse realizes that he no longer ages.

To read the next part go to Apocalypse Bio Continued.

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