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Two siblings, Sora (Sky) and Shiro (White), make up an unbeatable gaming persona called “Blank.”


Shiro NGNL

In real life they are shut-ins and are confined to their room for most of the day. One day after having an overnight online gaming marathon they receive a mysterious email. Within that email they are challenged to a game of chess. Readily, they readily accept the challenge expecting there to be some amazing chess board or computer generated chess program. Instead they find it too be an extremely old chess program with outdated graphics. Blank wins with ease. Immediately after winning they are transported to Disboard, a magical world where everything is decided by winning games, and anything is at stake, you can wager things like money, food, or even one’s own freedom.

Tet appears appears as they are falling down to Disboard, he claims to be the god of Disboard and that he transported Sora and Shiro to his world to make things more interesting. He explains to them that they must defeat the nations of Disboard and afterward they can challenge Tet to another game. However Tet explains that if they manage to beat him he will wager his own godhood to them. The only catch is that they must follow the ten pledges of Disboard. Before any game the players must say, “Aschente,” which is the verbal agreement to the ten pledges. This is a must watch show, the team a RPG Nation give it our full recommendation. Currently the show is available with English Subtitles and English Dub.

The Ten Pledges of Disboard:

  1. All murder, war, and robbery are forbidden in this world.
  2. All conflicts in this world will be resolved through games.
  3. In games, each player will bet something that they agree is of equal value.
  4. As long as it doesn’t violate the three, anything may be bet, and any game may be played.
  5. The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game.
  6. Any bets made in accordance with the pledges must be upheld.
  7. Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority.
  8. Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss.
  9. In the name of god, the previous rules may never be changed.
  10. Let’s all have fun and play together!

Preferred No Game No Life Japanese Audio Trailer (with partial Translation below)

Sora: Alright, let the game begin. (0:06)

Elf girl: This is the end (for you). (0:30)

Elf girl: You’re mine. (0:44)

Elf girl: No way! (0:50)

Elf girl: They dodged that, too? (0:54)

Sora: Blank can’t lose, lets show them what we can do together. (1:05)


English Dub Trailer


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